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Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, April 12, 2018

ALL grading that was to be done on Saturday 4/14/18 will now be done on Saturday 4/21/18. Please look for the email from the booster club. ANy grading for any other night is still on as planned

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Leagues offered at Lakeview Playground

Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

At Lakeview we strive to offer something for all age groups in every sports season.

For Baseball/Cabbageball we base age by what age the child will be as of 4/30 of current year. Registration opens in January and ends the beginning of March. Practices usually start in mid April and days/times are determined by each volunteer coach. The season begins the weekend before Memorial day (opening weekend) and the weeknight gam

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Check Out Our New Online Store

Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We are now offering some T-Shirts for sale to support Lakeview Playground and Volleyball as well. We will add items over time, but starting with this. Give a look and buy a shirt to show your "Viking Pride" and/or support for your Volleyball team....
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Yesterday's Scores
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Badon 16
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Leaumont 6
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Robert 10
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Palermo 4
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Crawford 6
7/8 Year Old Baseball: Haydel 12
9-11 Year Old Baseball: Gernhauser 2
9-11 Year Old Baseball: Keller 5
5-7 Cabbageball: Chris Taylor 5
5-7 Cabbageball: James Oertling 15
5-7 Cabbageball: Lenee Crowley 1
5-7 Cabbageball: Max Gruenig 11
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Hrapmann 8
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Schwab 7
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Silvestri 8
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Catanzaro 12
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Tournillon 4
5/6 Year Old Baseball: Fortier 14

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