5/6 Intramural Baseball 2023

Sport 5/6 Intramural Baseball 2023
Player will turn 5 on or before April 30th of this year. Player will not turn 7 on or before April 30th of the season year. Exceptions are available on an individual basis for younger players desiring and capable of playing in an older age group. Please contact 5/6 League Director Dave Tadlock to register special exemptions to the age limits, or with any other questions.
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Program Details
Program start date: May 09, 2023
Program end date: Jul 15, 2023
Male, Female
Eligible only if born on or after: Apr 30, 2016
Eligible only if born on or before: Apr 30, 2018
Eligibility text
Player's age on April 30th of the current year must be 5 or 6 years.
Registration Details
Registration status
Limited Availability
Registration start date: Jan 16, 2023
Registration end date: Mar 31, 2023
Registrants will be assigned to the team
504 Boys - Kipker - 5/6 Baseball
Note: Only when paid online during the registration.
Payment Details
Program fee payment type
One time payment
Total amount
Due date
Jan 12, 2023
Late fee
$ 0.00
Pricing for multiple players in a family
Family maximum amount
$ 275
Discount amount for each additional family player
2nd member: $125.00
3rd member: $125.00
4th member and more: $125.00
Payment mode
Only online payments are accepted
Coach pitch baseball meant to intoduce young players to the fundamentals of baseball and develoop their interest in the game. Soft baseballs are used, with the batting team's coaches at pitcher and catcher defensive positions.  Batters strike out on three swinging strikes, 3 outs per team per half inning, with a 7-run per inning run scored limit.  Games will be 50 minutes, Tuesday-Friday starting at 6 p.m. and 7p.m.

All Players:

Spring Training (Optional)
March 7,8,9 (Tu,Wed,Th), 5:30-6:30 p.m., 5/6 Fieldd at LV Playground:  All players invited.  Separate RSVP to follow.  This is ideal for players who have no to little experience in order o provide some individual coaching, as well as for players excited to get a jump start on the season. Attenees will not be required to attend a player evaluation session..

Evaluations (Mandatory, unless attended spring training)
March 14,15,16 (Tu, Wed, Th.) - 5/6 Field, LV Playground.  Players that do not attend spring training must atend one evaluation session. Bring baseball glove, and a bat (USA-stamped only) and bating helmet.  Usually takes 5-10 minutes per player to swing at 10 or so pitches, field 10 ground balls, and catch 10 fly balls.

Team Assignment
Monday, March 23rd - Players will be notified by  of their team assignment and first practices. Games begin May 9th, with opening weekend May 20th and 21st.

Lakeview Booster Club Skills Clinic ($60 for league players) - Fundraising event
Saturday, April 1 and Sunday April 2- 9a..m.-12p.m.  Led by Turtle Thomas and Brian Tallett, coaches will man specific stations as players rotate through in groups of 4 approximately every 10 minutes.  6 hours of fast-paced baseball training in one weekend is a great way to be ready for the first game, while funds raised will go toward facility improvements at the playground.

Head coach and assistant coach obligations:

March 7,8,9 (Tu, Wed, Th) 5:30-6:30 p.m. - Spring training, 5/6 field, led by coaches, for brand new players and players who want to knock the rust off.  Players who attend will be excused from evaluations the following week.

March 14, 15, 16 (Tu, Wed, Th) 5:30-7:00 - Player evaluations, 5/6 Field.  All teams must have one coach ( either head coach or assistant coach) to evaluate player capabilities (takes about 5 minutes per player).  These numerical scores will be used to create parity across the league during team formation.

March 22nd (Wed) - Team formation, location and time TBD.  At least one coach from each team must be present to select players for their team. Each team starts with 3 players: the children of the head coach, one assistant coach, and one team sponsor.  Selection order is determined by the lowest sum of evaluation scores per team, with the lowest number always having the selection until team is full.  Non-evaluated players will be randomly assigned, **NO EXCEPTIONS**

Friday, March 29th - 6-8 p.m., location TBD:  Coaches' clinic led by Turtle Thomas.  2-hour theory/demonstration session covering age-appropriate drills for various offensive and defensive positions and situations..
Saturday, March 30th - 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Skills clinic at LV Playground.  Coaches/assistant coaches will man stations as players rotate through.  Your assitance with other time slots (1-4, or 5-8) with other age groups or sports (offering baseball through age 13 and cabbageball and softball through ag 14) may also be requested.

May 9-May 19 (Mon-Ffri) one weeknight game per week at 6 p.m.

Opening weekend:
May 20 and May 21 (Sat and Sun)t - opening weekend (a.k.a., "the fair," or "Jamboree) Each team will play one game each day, times tbd.
Saturday, May 20th, 7 p.m.: 7/8 baseball field
5/6 Coaches vs. 7/8 Coaches Cabbageball Game

Please contact 5/6 League Director Dave Tadlock to register special exemptions to the age limits, or with any other questions.

Limited Availability. Hurry up.
All registration options are closed